is owned by Hjörtur Hjartarson. All rights reserved.

My name is Hjörtur and what can I say, I like to draw… Shocking I know…

I been drawing of and on for as long as I can remember and always wanted to make my own little comic and finally lunched my own web comic in 2010. Manic Comics started as a chess passed comic but know it’s more of everything goes kind of comic. My favored character to draw is by far Pawn, Why? Well I think of him as a fun character and also he is easy to draw.

If you like the comic and have ideas for future posts or if you just want to contact me my e-mail is mr.hjortur@gmail.

I would like to give special thanks to my wife Maja for proof reading the comics before I post them. I would also like to thank Magnús Unnar Georgsson. Maggi is a talented comic creator, he was a part of the original idea and has repeatedly told me to do something with these comics as well as helping me with the design. He also introduced me to Inkscape which is an open source vector graphics editor. I finish all the comics using that program.